Wow, okay, so I’ve realised it’s been forever. As you can see this is about relationshippy stuff. 

Me and my girlfriend broke up back in August. 

On my birthday too.

So, obviously it’s been awhile and I’m mostly over it, but now I’m single and that’s both amazing and it SUCKS. 

I have crushes on everyone. Like EVERYONE I MEET HELP. Also, prom is coming up and I want to ask someone to come with me, but I’m so shy. I cri. ;-; 

Help. Relationships are hard. I miss kissing too. Like, kissing and cuddling was my shit and now I have no one to do that with. 

Hello again. 

Dear God, it’s been forever! Hello there, it’s me Andrew the smol bean. 

So, update. I got a new phone and forgot to install WordPress. Plus, my parents started this bullshit system of turning in my phone at night, but fuck that. 

I wore pants to school! If you didn’t know, my parents are super fickingnejwjqjw religious and believe ‘girls should wear skirts cause it’s modest’, which – not meaning to be rude to anyone who believes this – is stupid to me. Like. I don’t mind if you do it, but dear gOD, don’t force me to do it too. 

So I wore a skirt to school, took it off and wore pants, and then put it back on when I go home, which is a real shit plan once I get caught, but it makes me feel good about myself. 

Also, I’m in high school/college, woo! I have Monday and Wednesday college classes and then the rest is independent study. I had been barely keeping up (and being behind for quite awhile), but now I’m determined as hell to get ahead. 

The sooner I graduate the sooner I can move out for college!

That’s so important to me and I can’t wait to graduate. 

I’ll make more indicidual posts for these things later, promise!