Hello again. 

Dear God, it’s been forever! Hello there, it’s me Andrew the smol bean. 

So, update. I got a new phone and forgot to install WordPress. Plus, my parents started this bullshit system of turning in my phone at night, but fuck that. 

I wore pants to school! If you didn’t know, my parents are super fickingnejwjqjw religious and believe ‘girls should wear skirts cause it’s modest’, which – not meaning to be rude to anyone who believes this – is stupid to me. Like. I don’t mind if you do it, but dear gOD, don’t force me to do it too. 

So I wore a skirt to school, took it off and wore pants, and then put it back on when I go home, which is a real shit plan once I get caught, but it makes me feel good about myself. 

Also, I’m in high school/college, woo! I have Monday and Wednesday college classes and then the rest is independent study. I had been barely keeping up (and being behind for quite awhile), but now I’m determined as hell to get ahead. 

The sooner I graduate the sooner I can move out for college!

That’s so important to me and I can’t wait to graduate. 

I’ll make more indicidual posts for these things later, promise!


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