Me? Me. 

I’m fourteen still. I’m a smol bean, but I thought maybe a photo of me would be nice. I’m sure as hell no one I know (that I’m scared of finding out about me) uses Word Press, and if they do I’m sure they’re not on ftm stuff (or are they).

So, yeah. Here’s me. 


I wore my hair up to church like this once and I was super scared someone was going to try to sacrifice me because everyone is super judgemental there, but then I got home and my confidence was at 563%. It was pretty cool. 

No one gets onto me because they CAN’T. Ha! I’m not “sinning” by wearing a suit vest and tie or by wearing my hair to make it look short, so what can they do? Nothing. Ha. 

Yep, so yeah, I’m proud. A little. 

I try. 

Bye, peoples. 


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