Ugh, God. 

Today’s Sunday. Which means church. Yay. *Sarcasm hint, hint*

Ugh, God (fuck off, please and thanks).

Now, I have nothing against Christians or their religion and beliefs (my family is Apostolic Christians, who believe it’s mandatory to have the Holy Ghost to go to heaven), I just don’t want them forced upon me, but life’s a bitch and apparently wants this for me. Hopefully, it’ll make me more open in my future about these things. 

So, my mother wanted me to wear this dress she got me. It’s a cute dress and all, and some days I don’t mind wearing feminine clothes as much. However, when everyone compliments you on this new dress constantly, it gets a bit dysphoric. 

Not to mention my youth leader forced me to go to the prayer room. There’s nothing wrong with this woman, I know she’s just following what she believes, but shit I don’t want to pray to Jesus

Oh, and then the pastor (who really is quite a lovely man, honestly the only people I hate that are Christian are the jackasses that are like my parents) preaches is this message about – I quote “real men”. I swear to God, I have never heard such a sexist message in my life! I mean, it sounded like a ftm motivational speech which was nice to me, but it still was fucking sexist as hell

I understand it’s Father’s Day, but give women and children their proper respect as well! 

That’s all my ranting for now. 

Goodnight, peoples!


2 thoughts on “Ugh, God. 

  1. Ugh I know that feeling… I was raised a Christian too and a pretty fundamentalist one. Was forced to wear dresses and skirts and pretend to be feminine to please everyone. But it got better once I got older and got to live my own life. Hang in there!

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